The cryptocurrency of coöperation


What is the Tareum project?

Tareum is a cryptocurrency based upon cooperation between projects. The goal of Tareum is to ally itself with other projects and obtain use cases in other projects as well as build our own. Alliances will be built by providing incubator services as well as advisory and other aid. The Tareum project is currently considering several projects that we wish to build as the base of Tareum.


Name: Tareum

Ticker: TAR

Blockchain: Waves

Total supply: 2,500,000,000


Find market information on Coincodex.

Current projects

  • Create token, create website, finalize concept.

  • Current stage: Investigating project type preferences.

  • Current stage: Investigating legal and infrastructure requirements.

  • Current stage: Investigating legal and infrastructure requirements.

Our team

The whole community is the team for Tareum. The project shall be governed by it's community but will of course have it's core team members. The core team members will be announced as the team forms, and only team members who consent to being listed on the website shall be included.

Download the Waves wallet to use Tareum